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Symptoms of Trauma

Responses to trauma vary greatly from person to person. A traumatic event(s) can greatly affect you cognitively, behaviorally, physically and psychologically. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, Aion Trauma Center can help you heal past wounds and navigate current life challenges.

Cognitive Symptoms

Cognitive symptoms of trauma are those that affect perception and how you process information. These trauma symptoms can impair your judgment, memory, and reasoning abilities. Some examples of cognitive symptoms of trauma include:

Talent management

Behavioral Symptoms

These types of symptoms affect how you conduct yourself, especially in the presence of others. Behavioral symptoms of trauma include:

Physical Symptoms

Trauma responses can manifest in the physical body, as well. Physical symptoms of trauma pertain to the way you physically react to the event(s). Examples include:

Psychological Symptoms

Psychological symptoms affect the mind and emotional abilities. Some examples of this class of symptoms are:

Effects of Untreated Trauma

It’s not uncommon for people to go years without treating their symptoms of trauma. The traumatic event(s) can be extremely painful and difficult to talk about, especially if you don’t have someone trustworthy to confide in. However, foregoing treatment and “toughing it out” can drastically impact your quality of life. Internalizing your trauma instead of working through it can lead to irrational decision-making, keep you from reaching your full potential, reduce your ability to form healthy relationships, and more.

Untreated trauma can open the door to other harmful habits and behaviors, including:

Whether you’ve just recently experienced a traumatic event or are now ready to navigate trauma from your past, it’s never too late to begin your recovery.

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When you’re experiencing symptoms of trauma, psychotherapy can allow you to manage, alleviate, and overcome these effects and challenges. Rick Steele, LCSW-C is a licensed trauma psychotherapist dedicated to helping trauma survivors find healthy ways to navigate trauma, achieve balance/reintegration, and experience lasting happiness and success. Request an appointment today to get started on your road to recovery.

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