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Treatment approaches like EMDR and Brainspotting, which unlock trauma and begin the healing process, are also highly effective in enhancing professional performance. Business executives, directors, managers and supervisors often find themselves “stuck” in the same approaches to problem solving, or feel their confidence can be enhanced to reach their leadership potential. Clearing away blocking beliefs about yourself through these evidence-based treatments can empower you to blossom. Partner with Rick today and customize a plan that will help you reach your individual professional goals.


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On-Site Interpersonal Communication Workshops

Rick Steele, LCSW-C also provides workshops on executive interpersonal communication for companies and corporations. Whether one’s title is Executive, Director, Manager, or Supervisor, interpersonal communication is one of the cornerstones for increased employee satisfaction/ retention, team collaboration, the achieving of strategic goals and increased profitability. Executive interpersonal communication involves not only what is said, but how body language and facial expressions all come together to relay a message. This leadership skill, in addition to attuned listening, empower us to connect with others in a more authentic way. Executive interpersonal communication allows for a collection of employees to become an integrated team who share a common culture and vision. Request a consultation to get you and your company started on the road to increased performance and profitability.

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