Aion Trauma Center

Trauma Therapy Services

A Frederick, MD trauma therapy specialist will be able to learn about your trauma from an unbiased perspective and guide you through recovery based on your individual experience.

How Rick Does Treatment

Rick’s unique approach to treating PTSD and trauma is what makes Aion Trauma Center  special. He knows that one size does not fit all, so he starts by getting to know you. Afterward, he uses evidence-based approaches to help you cope with trauma. 

During your first session, we’ll casually discuss you, your life, history, and any symptoms you’re  experiencing. Together, we’ll determine the best treatment modality and treatment plan for you. You can feel assured that all of our sessions are safe spaces and everything we discuss is completely confidential.

Trauma Therapy: Why Do it?

Untreated trauma can affect multiple aspects of your life. Therapy helps you work through the aftermath of a traumatic event with a trustworthy psychotherapist. Trauma therapy aims to accomplish five things:

You may have other personal goals and a Frederick, MD trauma therapy specialist can help you accomplish those too. Rick is happy to help you accomplish any additional goals you may have.

Discover New Ways to Cope with Trauma

People deal with trauma in different ways, and that’s okay. Every response to a traumatic experience is valid and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body’s natural reaction. Whether you’re experiencing:

Rick will work with you to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and will help you develop strategies for dealing with them. You can look forward to a life of happiness and a life that isn’t dictated by your past trauma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Council for Behavioral Health estimates that 70% of adults in the United States, or 223.4 million people, have experienced at least one type of traumatic event. So while not everyone experiences trauma, many people do.

Anyone at any age can develop PTSD. Although it’s common, you don’t have to be a war veteran or a survivor of a dangerous event to develop PTSD; sometimes it’s a build-up of events or other occurrences that cause PTSD.

Working with someone unbiased, non-judgemental, and professionally trained allows you to safely work through your traumatic experience(s). You’ll have someone who you trust using evidence-based treatments that help you deal with your symptoms of trauma, get to the root of what’s causing it, and to move past it.

Everyone is different and may have different treatment goals. There isn’t a generic timeline for when patients will heal from a traumatic experience. So much depends on the nature and duration of what has happened to you. Single event traumas tend to heal far faster than traumas that occurred over a long period of time, particularly starting in early childhood. You will begin to feel a shift towards healing and a reduction in symptoms relatively quickly in both cases, however, once treatment begins. 

Start Your Road to Recovery

If you’ve experienced a traumatic event and are ready to start a better life, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a licensed trauma therapist.  Rick is standing by, ready to help you overcome your trauma.