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Talk Therapy Alone Does Not Work to Cure Trauma

Since the time of Freud, the “talking cure” has been the tried-and-true methodology for addressing mental health concerns. Accepted wisdom dictates that no matter the life challenges one is navigating, talking about it will help make it better. I will not disagree that many problems in life can be made better by talking them out. Having an unbiased person who truly listens, and who can offer objective advice is invaluable. Great insights can be had in this manner. Simply talking about trauma, however, even in a therapeutic setting, is not sufficient to address the profound impact trauma has on both the psyche and on the physical body.

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The Impact of Trauma on a Life

Trauma has been called the unseen wound. Through my work with multitudes of people over the years, I have found this to be all too true. The impact that trauma has on a life carries on long after the events that wounded have been regulated to the past. The ache continues and the hurt continues. Feeling that the world is an unsafe place continues, and the feeling that we as individuals are “damaged goods” and unlovable continues. Concretely, we see trauma impact one’s relationship with self, through difficulties in connecting with others on an authentic emotional level and in poorer physical health as compared to individuals with no trauma history. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

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